Statutes of the Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Alliance


The Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data (BHBD) Alliance is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for promoting biodiversity and health big data sharing in the world, under the framework of “Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Initiative” by the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).

I. Objectives and Membership

Statute 1

The aims of the Alliance are:

  1. To develop a platform for biodiversity and health big data integration, translation and sharing.
  2. To promote and facilitate biodiversity and health big data sharing within the Alliance.
  3. To construct a world-class biodiversity and health big data center containing a variety of repositories and knowledge bases that are publicly accessible to worldwide communities.
  4. To promote the level of participation and influence of BHBD in global biological research.

Statute 2

The Alliance comprises IUBS country/region Members and organization Members. An appropriate organization would be a university, research institute, hospital, or center/department/research group.

Statute 3

The responsibilities of Members are:

  1. To participate in the technical development for biodiversity and health big data sharing through Projects.
  2. To contribute biodiversity and health big data.
  3. To exchange and provide training for the other Members.
  4. To inform scientific communities within its territory about the Alliance's activities, and promote the aims of the Alliance.
II. Administration

Statute 4

The Council, composed of Permanent Members and Regular Members, is the final authority in the governance of the Alliance. Both IUBS Members and founding Members are Permanent Council Members. The Regular Council Members, with a term of three years, are nominated by the Council. The number of Regular Council Members increases by one with every ten new Members. The Council Members shall be from different countries/regions.
The Chairperson of the Council is elected by the Council, with a term of three years and renewable in principle. The Council ordinarily meets once every 6 months, either in person or through telecommunication. Special Meetings may be summoned between regular scheduled meetings.

Statute 5

The affairs of the Alliance are conducted by Secretariat that acts in accordance with the decisions of the Council. The head of Secretariat is appointed by the Council. The location of the Secretariat is the same as that of the headquarter of the Alliance, which is at Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Statute 6

The Council decides on the admission of new Members to the Alliance. Any IUBS Member and other organization which accepts these statutes shall send an application to the Secretariat. For non-IUBS Members, a recommendation letter from an existing Member is required. The admission of a new Member requires the approval of at least two-thirds of the Council Members.

Statute 7

The Council may establish an Advisory Committee, which should have broad representation from appropriately qualified members of the international scientific community.

Statute 8

The Council may establish Working Groups as deemed necessary for the scientific work of the Alliance.

Statute 9

The biodiversity and health big data center of BHBD will be built upon the BIG Data Center (BIGD) of BIG, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Data deposition and usage follow the guidance of each corresponding database in BIGD. Members of the Alliance are encouraged to collaborate in the field of biodiversity and health big data (e.g. personnel exchange and/or visit, workshop organization, collaborative proposal submission to funding bodies).

III. Finances

Statute 10

The Membership is free-of-charge. Alliance seeks and accepts financial support from appropriate sources for Projects. Besides those specified in awarded funds, Members shall seek additional funds necessary to meet the Project milestones of each Party.

IV. Voting

Statute 11

Each Member of the Council has one vote. The heads of the Secretariat, Advisory Committee, and Working Groups shall attend the Council meeting, but with no voting right. Decisions of the Council meeting shall be made by a simple majority of the votes cast. If the votes are equally divided, the Chairperson may cast an additional deciding vote.

Statute 12

Members of the Alliance can leave the Alliance by informing the Council secretariat in writing at least three months in advance. The Council secretariat shall report it to the Council and the Council will acknowledge it with a written confirmation letter. A departing Council Member shall nominate a replacement for the vacant position, which needs to be approved by the Council.

V. General Provisions

Statute 13

Changes to these Statutes must be approved by at least two-thirds of the Council Members.