The BHBD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for promoting biodiversity and health big data sharing in the world, under the framework of "Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Initiative" by the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).

Message from the Chairperson of BHBD Alliance

  • To develop a platform for biodiversity and health big data integration, translation and sharing.
  • To promote and facilitate biodiversity and health big data sharing within the Alliance.
  • To construct a world-class biodiversity and health big data center containing a variety of repositories and knowledge bases that are publicly accessible to worldwide communities.
  • To promote the level of participation and influence of BHBD in global biological research.

The Alliance comprises IUBS country/region Members and organization Members. An appropriate organization would be a university, research institute, hospital, or center/department/research group.

The Responsibilities of Members
  • To participate in the technical development for biodiversity and health big data sharing through Projects.
  • To contribute biodiversity and health big data.
  • To exchange and provide training for the other Members.
  • To inform scientific communities within its territory about the Alliance's activities, and promote the aims of the Alliance.